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 Why we believe in the importance of wellbeing... 
Cancer Campaign in Suffolk is passionate about making available projects that will improve and care about the wellbeing of those with a cancer diagnosis. 
Complementary therapiesbeauty & wellbeing workshops  are the main projects that we deliver FREE of charge to those with a cancer diagnosis. 
 The effects of treatment and diagnosis are personal to each person but experience shows that most will experience one or some of the following:
 fear, anxiety, shock, stress, fatigue, depression, lack of confidence, self esteem, phobias & an uncertainty of ‘how to deal with what’s next’.    
We have found complementary therapy including counselling,  helps hugely with the self management of a cancer diagnosis, the prognosis treatment.

  • Counselling~ Relieving anxiety, giving emotional support
  • Reflexology ~Reducing stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue
  • Reiki ~ Stress relief, reducing sickness, anxiety & pain
  • Relaxation~Stress relief, reducing anxiety, increased wellbeing       
  • Visualization~Managing shock after diagnosis, reducing fears         


The psychological effects can be far reaching with treatment affecting the skin & hair loss which for many ladies is very challenging.  
Hair loss for many will be the first openly visible sign of cancer and this can have huge effects causing fear, anxiety, loss of confidence & self esteem.  

It's All About You beauty & wellbeing workshops can help. 

Eliare scarves  are the result of us listening to our workshop guests and their need for a range of elegant comfortable headwear.

We have specially designed and selected a range of they give an elegant look, that are comfortable & easy to wear.  

You can find them in our online shop along with all the cosmetics and skin care we use.